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Snap On Blue Point Engine Hoist & Sling

$400.00 OBO



~  YA778 Engine Hoist

~  Lift arm extends from 27" to 55"

~  Lift arm extends to a height of 94.5"

~  External remote pump with fine adjustment gets you closer to the work

~  Foldable hoist stores easily - only a 25" x 33" footprint when folded

~  360 degree swivel hook allows work to move easily when hook is loaded

~  Maximum 2 ton lifting capacity

~  NEW


~  RETAIL PRICE IS $500.00!



~  $400.00 OBO

~  Cash and carry only, please.



~  Please call Sean daily at 828.274.2458 or evenings at 828.628.4943


Jerry Can Holders  $350.00

Set of two new jerry can holders. The original is on the left and the newly manufactured on the right. 

new item for sale

new item for sale

new item for sale

new item for sale

If you have come to Blue Ridge Rover Works looking for parts, you have come to the right place.  With a huge selection of new and used parts, we can typically set you up with anything from a shift knob to a wheel to fenders for your Series truck.  However, if we do not have it on the shelf, we can have it here in 2-3 business days.  For hard-to-find parts, we can typically locate them in 1 to 2 weeks.

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