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We are currently booking incoming restorations, frame overs,and or custom fabrication work on your Series I,II,IIa,III trucks no matter if it is an  88"or 109" or your defender  for this 2009  physical year.Please contact us direct to discuss your restoration needs.
Although we specialize in Restoration and Service work on Series I, II, IIa, and III vehicles, we have the ability to perform a multitude of tasks on other vehicles in the Land Rover family.  We can typically diagnose and fix a problem on all Defender 90's and 110's, Range Rover Classic's, and Discovery I's, and can also handle most problems with 2nd generation Range Rover P38's and Discovery II's.  We typically do not service or work on Freelander's or 3rd generation vehicles at this time.

This customer has requested a full restoration on their 1969 Series IIA.  Although the truck has been well taken care of, Blue Ridge Rover Works was contacted for the service and subsequent restoration to bring it back to new.  After receiving a new frame (Marsland), suspension (Land Rover OEM), brake system, detailed motor, and fresh bodywork, the truck is in final assembly, in preparation for being back on the road.  We should have one very happy customer on our hands!

This Defender is suffering from the Land Rover achilles heal: the head-gasket failure.  However, Blue Ridge Rover Works has been doing head gaskets for years.  We can also do front cover seals, oil pans, fuel injection, cooling system, electrical, and on newer vehicles, air suspension and other Land Rover maintenance. 


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