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Truly a Land Rover Lifestyle
My name is Sean Jones.  My Land Rover experience started at age 15, working on a Series III 88".  That same truck is still owned by the same family to this day. At age 21, I bought a 1967 IIa 88" and I still drive it daily today.I was the former President of Southern Appalachain Land Rover Club for three years. Harrell's Motor Sales of Waynesville N.C. was still servicing the trucks they had sold from 1964 until 1974 when Land Rover pulled out of the U.S. market. Ted Chambers, the head mechanic at Harrell's, retired, and I saw a ready-made market for me as I knew most of the local Land Rover enthusiasts and setting up shop was natural progression. Nine years ago, Blue Ridge Rover Works came into existence and began to flourish.  Today, owners from around the country send trucks here for work, and people from around the world call us for hard-to-find parts.  We strive for a commitment to excellence as well as paying close attention to detail.

Our Resume

Defender 110 Monte Cristo Afrique
BRRW 2003/2004 restoration project. Vehicle sold by owner. New owner applied decals & vinyls.

1997 Range Rover TReK Truck
1997 winning TReK truck. BRRW 2007 restoration & repaint project.

2004 Disco II TReK Truck
No. 16 in TReK competition. BRRW 2007 restoration, re-decal & detail project.

1971 Series IIA 109"
Affectionately titled "The Banana." BRRW 2004 rebuild project. Owner sold. Solid work truck.

Get What You Want
At Blue Ridge Rover Works, an enthusiast can find anything for their Series I, II, IIA, or III Land Rover, as well as many products for Defenders (90 and 110), Range Rovers, and Discoverys.  Whether it be a common gauge or body capping, to rare accessories such as lights, glass, or body parts, Blue Ridge Rover Works can provide you with what you need to complete that trail truck or finish your show queen.

If you are in the market for something a little more complete, we are selling vehicles every day, for every buyer in every price range.  A Land Rover Series vehicle is a hot item right now, so now is the time to buy.  If we do not have exactly what you are looking for, it is a good bet that we can get it for you.

However, if we cannot find what you are looking for, Blue Ridge Rover Works is building and restoring high-quality trucks on a day-to-day, waiting list basis, which means that your truck can be built the way you want from the beginning to the end.  With careful attention to detail and the ability to have any part you may want, your truck can truly be yours when built here the right way.    


Sean Jones
Lead Technician
Bobby Wallace
Micheal Bronson
Landon Jones 

Blue Ridge Rover Works: Then to Now